C-SCORE is an enterprise-level performance benchmarking product that evaluates your protocol design, trial management and corporate image as a sponsor vs. competitors among investigator sites in your therapeutic category.

Investigators perceptions about you as a sponsor are informed every time they interact with your brand. It happens whenever they assess the feasibility of a protocol, interact with your project team, have casual discussions with peers, or receive a payment. Through these varied experiences, investigators and site staff continually form impressions about what it’s like to work with you.

These impressions directly determine:

  • Whether an investigator site chooses to work with you
  • How much they expect to be compensated
  • Their level of engagement throughout your study
  • Your reputation and prestige as a sponsor

C-SCORE systematically collects important feedback from your investigators and uses sophisticated analytics to define priorities and reveal how well you’re performing on the key drivers of operational success among investigator sites.

If you want the best sites to prioritize resources towards your studies and get those studies recruited on time, you *must* recognize and satisfy the needs of your investigator sites, and do that better than other sponsors.

C-SCORE reveals investigator priorities, guides resource allocation, and serves as a year-over-year benchmark along the path as you optimize R&D operations.