Clinical Operations and the ‘Infinite Game’

Clinical Operations and the ‘Infinite Game’To complete studies on time you rely on people and organizations outside of your control. Study coordinators don’t work for you. Investigators don’t work for you. Recruiting managers don’t work for you. They march to different drummers than you. So, what do you do to get them to deliver your studies?

To get investigators, study coordinators and the rest of site staff to deliver your studies, focus on what Seth Godin calls the ‘Infinite Game’ ( By that he means he doesn’t mean the types of games where you win requires them to lose. Football games are ‘Finite Games’. Instead, ‘Infinite Games’ are the types when you throw a ball to a four year old. You aren’t trying to ‘beat’ them. You want to make throwing the ball so enjoyable for them that they work to throw it back to you. Your focus is on them, not you.

So, play the ‘Infinite Game’ with your investigators and site staff. When you focus on them, making the study so efficient, some comfortable, so much ‘fun’, site staff want to work on your study, you’ve won. However, when you focus on how to get them to do more for you, you don’t succeed. When the focus is on them, you win. When it is on you, you lose.

You must focus on helping them. And, to help them, you must first understand them. Understand what they need from you to be more efficient. Understand what they need from you to feel more confident. Understand what they require from you to enjoy their work more. Once you focus is on them, you win. Your studies will be completed faster and they will look forward to working with you on future studies.

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