Patient Insights and Patient Recruitment & Enrollment

Patient Insights and Patient Recruitment & EnrollmentPatient insights are essential to creating messages and materials that increase patient recruitment and enrollment. Messages must resonate with patients and/or caregivers – they must be compelling, clear and relevant.

Patients and caregivers are exposed to more than 500 messages each day. Your message must break through the noise and ‘stick’ with them so they take action.

What do you need to know? What is required to create compelling messages while providing fair balance? Here are my thoughts,

  1. Understand the emotions of patients/caregivers when they first learn that participating in a clinical trial is an option for them.
  2. Identify the other options patients/caregivers have when considering being a participant in a clinical trial, and the perceived advantages and disadvantages of each.
  3. Identify key words or phrases that are most compelling when considering participation in a clinical trial and what makes them compelling. Identify key words or phrases that create barriers to participating in a clinical trial, and options for rephrasing them.
  4. Summarize the ‘story’ that conveys compelling, clear, relevant and fair balanced reasons to consider participating in a clinical trial. Test different words, phrases and graphics to ensure they all work together.

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