Designed and validated for individual trials, T-TRACK helps you get products to market faster by identifying the root causes of patient recruitment and enrollment challenges before they become a crisis.

Problem: About 1/3 of clinical trials take 50% longer than expected to complete. Traditional tracking metrics such as pre-screens, screen failures, enrollment and drop-outs tell you “what” is happening during an active trial, but not “why.” Clearly, you need to understand the root causes of recruitment and enrollment issues in order to take responsive action to keep your trials on track.

Sponsors often rely on their CRO to handle these issues, but if that were actually working, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. In fact, the same applies to whatever system you are using to track and manage site productivity and trial progress…

If it doesn’t provide leading indicators that help you to solve problems and keep your trials moving forward, then it isn’t working, and you need a solution that does.

Solution: T-TRACK fulfills the need for a robust, validated and truly actionable tracking function that includes bona fide leading indicators rarely found among traditional metrics.